How to choose your business internet?

Start at the lowest plan and upgrade if you need to. We will help you make that determination.

Most internet service providers require a contract and they will never renegotiate that contract for less, but they never hesitate to upgrade you to more service for more money.


Salmon Bay Wireless does not have contracts and if for whatever reason you decide you’d like less speed, you are free to change your service.


All Plans Include

Free Standard Installation with pre-purchase

Installation cost starts at $200. Depending on the service you choose, your installation could be FREE.

No Contracts

There is minimal commitment on your end. Salmon Bay Wireless believes that only companies with poor service need to lock customers into a multi-year contract. 

No Data Transfer Limits

Unlike a cellphone provider with data limits, download as much as you want at the max speed purchased.

Internet Plans


** Free install

This is for the standard install fee ($200-250 value). Additional mount hardware is rarely needed but is an additional charge. You will be informed if this is required before scheduling the install. Full payment is due upon installation completion and is Check or Cash only.  Once your initial period is over you can pay via credit card.

* This pricing is for a building that is already on-net and has active service to an existing customer, to bring a building on-net the installation is $750. We would waive the $750 for new buildings that have $250/month in recurring revenue. Existing buildings that are not on-net can be upgraded when they hit $250/month recurring revenue.

Which Download Speed is Right For You?

Every business is unique. We can work together to determine a plan that fits your specific needs.

    Why does a local ISP serve you better?


    * We know the community. We live and work here too.

    * We provide personal Customer Service.

    * We can usually come up with flexible solutions to any wireless problem.

    * We want you to succeed.

    We could be in your neighborhood. Click on the link below to find out.