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Colo is industry slang for server colocation.  Colocation is a tower of computer servers usually stored in racks.  Servers colocation facilities safely store and preserve your servers if there is a power outage or a worst case scenario like an earthquake, fire, or theft.

Server colocation is a simple way to grow your business.  If you have a small company and need server storage because you are expanding, server colocation may solve these issues. Colocation is much cheaper than building or expanding your data center. 

What are the things that you want to look for in a colocation space?  The first is security: your server must be securely stored.  The second is stability.  Often, in colocation sites the power is backed up and air conditioning is used to keep the servers running well.  The third consideration is location.  Do you need your servers to be local?  Or do you prefer to have colocation occur in another state or even another country.

This is an excellent article about How to Shop for a colocation provider

Interested in colocation? Salmon Bay Technology provides low cost colocation for your servers.

We offer a stable solution for your applications and important data.  Our services are reliable and secure





    New Tower in Ballard

    New Tower in Ballard

    Salmon Bay Wireless has rolled out a new antenna in Ballard.   This is great for the area, as it provides customers with a local company with outstanding Internet Service.  We also feature low pricing. The new antenna gives customers an alternative to massive corporations that don’t have great customer service and require contracts. 

    Salmon Bay Wireless doesn’t require contracts.  We provide 10 Mbits to hundreds of Mbits. We can service homes, condos, apartments and businesses.  Installation is free with pre-paid service.

    Installation is easy – we attach some small hardware to get the tower signal.  (Our largest hardware option is smaller than a satellite tv dish).  Then we install a router in your house that is the standard size of most wireless routers.

    Do you live in our new service area?  If you do check out our website for more information by submitting a service inquiry today or email [email protected]. Give us a call at 206-400-8000.






























    14 Wonderful and Wacky facts about the Internet

    14 Wonderful and Wacky facts about the Internet

    Here are some weird and wacky facts about the Internet 

    1. The word GIF (the GIF image format) is supposed to be pronounced Jiff, like the peanut butter.  When Steve Wilke first came up with the GIF in 1987 that’s what he wanted – and what he still wants.
    2. AOL (you’ve got mail) issued over 50% of all CD-ROM discs in the 1990s. That’s 100% more than the last Fountains of Wayne album.
    3. Google was named after the largest number, called a googol.  Not the dance craze, the googaloo.
    4. Twitter was originally called Twttr back in 2006.  But then they discovered vowels.
    5. This is the first and oldest site on the World Wide Web. It was invented before your parents.
    6. The average search time for a google search is .2 seconds. Google is actively working to shrink this by reading your mind.
    7. The most expensive Google AdWord is insurance. The second is loans.  The most popular search phrase is call your mother already.
    8. The word WiFI doesn’t mean anything and was invented by a consulting firm. This time I am serious.
    9. China has treatment camps for Internet Addicts.  They are called prisons.
    10. The Internet and the World Wide Web are two different things.  The Internet is a computer network and the world wide web is according to Oxford Languages “an information system on the internet which allows documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links, enabling the user to search for information by moving from one document to another.”
    11. LOL used to mean “lots of love” but now it means “laughing out loud”, although when jokes are as bad as these it means “lack of laughter”.
    12. Prisoners in Norway have Internet in their cells.  This makes it easier to look up the word insurance on Google.
    13. Salmon Bay Wireless is the only Internet Service Providers in the world named after Salmon Bay.  (Salmon Bay is an actual Bay – not the fictional town featured in the Playstation 4 game InFamous).
    14. You are now reading this on the Internet (or is it the world wide web?).  Do you have any weird, funny, or wacky facts about the Internet that you would like to share?  Leave them in the comments.